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Rates are accurate as of 2/20/2009.  All rates subject to change without prior notice. Certain terms or conditions may apply.

Loan Types Financing As Low As APR* Max. Term
New Autos 90% 4.25% 36-60 months
New Autos 90% 5.25% 72 months
New Autos 90% 5.75% 84 months
New Autos 100% 5.25% 36-60 months
New Autos 100% 5.50% 72 months
New Autos 100% 6.00% 84 months
Used Autos 90% wholesale KBB 4.25% 48 months
Used Autos 90% wholesale KBB 5.25% 60 months
Used Autos 90% wholesale KBB 5.50% 72 months
Used Autos 90% wholesale KBB 5.75% 84 months
Used Autos 100% wholesale KBB 4.50% 48 months
Used Autos 100% wholesale KBB 5.50% 60 months
Used Autos 100% wholesale KBB 5.75% 72 months
Used Autos 100% wholesale KBB 6.00% 84 months
Older Used Autos   8.75% 48 months
Share Secured   2.50% Up to 120 months
Personal Min. 10% Share pledge 8.75% 48-72 months
Line of Credit/Overdraft Min. 10% Share pledge 12.00% 48 months
Prep Loan   8.00% 12 months
2nd Mortgage Loans   Call for rates.    
Home Equity Loans   Call for rates.    


*APR – Annual Percentage Rate. 

Rates and terms subject to change.  Certain terms and conditions apply to these loans.  All loans are subject to qualification.  You must be a primary member to apply for a loan.  A nonrefundable membership fee of $1.00 may apply for new primary members.  The loans listed above are open-end loans with the exception of the 2nd mortgage loan which is closed-end.   All  loan approvals are based on credit worthiness and our underwriting standards.   The rates reflected above are the lowest rate available based on an “A+” paper credit (FICO) score criteria.  In addition, other terms and conditions may apply to receive the lowest possible rate for new and used auto loans.  Call or visit us for more details. 


Disclaimer:  Maui Federal Credit Union makes an attempt to verify the accuracy of this website.  However, due to the "human" element, errors or omissions may occur.  If it does, the actual rate, fee or conditions or terms of service or program will apply.

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