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Auto Loans1

Hit the Road with Smart Financing

Whether you just want to get there on time or arrive in style, an auto loan with Maui Federal Credit Union is a smart way to help you reach your destination on your terms. In addition to being a resource you know and trust, we offer numerous features to make the process easy:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Personalized service
  • New and Used Vehicle financing options
  • Free Kelley Blue Book Car Quotations
  • Mechanical Repair Coverage and Guaranteed Asset Protection insurance available for qualified vehicles

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Searching for a vehicle? We’ve got you covered with Stress-Free Car Buying.
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Personal Loans1

Life’s full of unexpected opportunities and sometimes expenses. Personal loans are all about you. We can help you plan that special occasion, manage unexpected expenses, get out of town on that once-in-a-lifetime vacation or out of debt with a consolidation loan at a lower interest rate. We offer great rates, flexible terms and convenient repayment options.

Our Personal Loan Options Allow You to Find the Right Fit for Your Unique Needs

  • EZ Loan – If you have a payday or cash advance loan, you are probably paying extremely high interest rates and fees. When the unexpected happens and you find yourself short on cash between paydays, an EZ Loan can provide you with a better alternative to payday lenders. Not only will you receive the short term funds you need, you’ll also be building your credit profile.

  • Line of Credit/Overdraft Protection – A line of credit/overdraft protection can serve as a handy emergency fund or a way to pay for something that is out of your financial reach. Unlike a typical loan, you make payments only on the credit you’ve actually used.

    Dealing with a potentially unpredictable expense? A Line of Credit/Overdraft Protection may be the perfect solution for you. Even though you make payments on the amount of credit you use, knowing that you can borrow the maximum amount may provide you with something priceless: peace of mind.

  • Vacation Loans – Go ahead and plan that dream vacation you’ve always wanted. Our Vacation loan makes it quick and easy to get all the cash you need to reach your vacation destination.

  • Holiday Loans – Unwrap your low rate. If you find “Santa” needing a little financial help for the holiday season, a Holiday Loan may be a better fit for your finances, and a great alternative to higher rate credit or store cards.

  • Credit Builder Loans – Not everyone has a perfect credit history and it is often difficult for members to build credit if they have experienced poor payment history or have no credit history at all. Sometimes, it is these members who need credit the most. Maui Federal Credit Union recognizes this dilemma and is committed to helping our members who are faced with these situations.

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Mortgage Loans1

Refinancing your mortgage can give you additional flexibility if you want to save money or pay off your mortgage faster. No matter what your reason, Maui Federal Credit Union’s loan specialists will work with you to give you the best option to fit your needs.
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Home Equity Line Of Credit1

You've worked hard to build equity in your home. Use the equity in your home to pay for college tuition and school expenses, remodel your kitchen or make other home improvements, consolidate debt, fund a vacation and more. Maui Federal Credit Union has a Home Equity Line of Credit to fit your needs and to help you get more out of your home and your life.
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Secured Loans1

A Share Secured Loan from Maui Federal Credit Union allows you to borrow against the balance in your savings and receive a lower interest rate. So why borrow against money you already have that is available to spend? We use Share Secured Loans to help a variety of members with their unique needs.

  • The Credit Rebuilder
    If you have bruised credit or have a hard time getting a loan because of your payment history, a Shared Secured Loan can be the right kind of loan to get you back on your feet by rebuilding your credit. If you’ve been turned down for loans in the past, talk to us about it. We’d like to help you create a personalized plan to rebuild your credit.

  • The Credit Establisher
    Establishing healthy credit is a very important step for young adults to have a successful financial future. Acquiring debt is not always advisable for young adults, but having a healthy credit score is very important for their financial future. When it comes to buying a house, qualifying for lower rates on insurance, or even getting certain jobs, a good credit score will save you a lot of money.

  • The Savings Protector
    Sometimes you want to get a loan for something, even when you have all the money saved up. Some members prefer the discipline of borrowing against their savings to buy a car, go on vacation, or to meet some other need. Our Share Secured Loans have a low interest rate and can offer you a low-cost way to finance your purchase without draining your savings.

With a Share Secured Loan:

  • Funds borrowed can be used for virtually anything
  • Collateral from your share account qualifies you for a lower rate than an unsecured loan
  • Flexible terms to better fit your financial situation
  • Maximum loans are based on deposit

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Credit Cards1

Giving credit where credit is our members! To take care of daily purchases, an unexpected expense or for a little self-splurge, we make sure you're getting the right blend of value and convenience with a Maui Federal Credit Union VISA Platinum Credit Card.

Our members don't all have the same lifestyles. That’s why we help you select the card that’s right for you.

  • VISA Platinum Credit Card
    In addition to competitive rates and no annual or hidden fees, you’ll earn cash back every time you use your Maui Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum credit card.

    • Low introductory rate of 2.99% annual percentage rate (APR) for the first 180 days
    • After the first 180 days, APR as low as 10.15% - 18.00%, based on your credit worthiness
    • Earn 1% cash back on eligible net purchases
    • No annual fee
    • No cash advance fees
    • No balance transfer fee
    • No foreign transaction fee
    • Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver
    • Access to Roadside Dispatch

  • VISA Secured Platinum Credit Card
    We get it, not everyone has perfect credit. If you need a little help rebuilding or if you have no credit history at all, this is the card for you. It uses your savings account as collateral and works just like any other credit card. We know how important good credit is to you, and Maui Federal Credit Union is here to help you get it back.

    • Low annual percentage rate of 6.99%
    • Earn 1% cash back on eligible net purchases
    • No annual fee
    • No cash advance fees
    • No balance transfer fee
    • No foreign transaction fee
    • Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver
    • Access to Roadside Dispatch
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    Loan Discount

    Maui Federal Credit Union values your membership and we want to partner with you to offer discounts on eligible consumer loans. Borrowers can receive up to a 0.25% rate reduction by authorizing electronic payroll deduction for loan payments. Restrictions apply. Maximum rate discount is 0.25% and may not be combined with any other rate discount offers or specials. Loan discount programs are subject to change without notice.

    To learn more about our loan discount program stop by our Kahului branch or call our loan specialists at (808) 873-5050.

    Loan Protection

    Protection from Future Financial Hardship
    Life happens and has a way of changing when we least expect it. Maui Federal Credit Union can help protect your family’s financial future against the unexpected. The unexpected comes without warning and can sidetrack your life and your pocketbook. To help minimize the financial impact of those unforeseen life events, we offer the following loan protection products to give you peace of mind.

    • Credit Life Insurance – Death, unfortunately, is part of life. Even though it is not something we like to talk about, taking care of our loved ones is. Credit Life Insurance will cover the insured portion of your loan balance and give your family the peace of mind they deserve. Instead of having to worry about your loan obligation, your family will be protected.

    • Credit Disability Insurance –Credit disability insurance is a way to make sure your loan payments are made in a timely manner in case you miss work should you become temporarily or permanently disabled due to sickness or accident. This coverage applies until you return to work (even if you continue to receive a paycheck while away from work) or until your loan is paid off. This coverage pays in addition to any other coverage you may already have. You can rest comfortably knowing your obligations are being met and your credit rating remains in good standing.

    You can add Loan Protection to your consumer, home equity, and VISA credit card loans. Loan Protection can be added to a loan at the time it is opened or added during the life of a loan.

    Member Benefits

    • Helps protect you and your family against financial hardship should the unexpected occur
    • Helps protect your good credit rating
    • Reduces the financial burden on your family should you die or become disabled
    • Easy enrollment, and simple eligibility requirements
    • May be able to protect up to two borrowers per loan

    For more information on complete Loan Protection coverage details or to add this protection to your current loan with Maui Federal Credit Union to protect your financial future, stop in our Kahului branch or call our Kahului office at (808) 873-5050.

    GAP Insurance

    GAP Insurance protects against the hardships of your vehicle being stolen or totaled due to an accident. In these unfortunate situations, sometimes a borrower can owe significantly more than the value of the vehicle – this is known as the "gap". GAP Insurance is designed to give you added peace of mind by helping you cover the difference in the vehicle value and the balance of your loan, up to the maximums allowed.

    GAP Insurance Features

    • Protects you when your auto loan balance exceeds your car's current book value
    • One-time $595 cost – a great value! Generally price below similar protection sold by car dealerships
    • For new and used vehicles
    • Additional $1,000 toward the purchase price of a replacement vehicle, if financed through Maui Federal Credit Union within 60 days of your primary insurance settlement
    • You can conveniently add GAP Insurance to your Maui Federal Credit Union loan*
    • You may cancel within 90 days for a full refund

    Member Benefits

    • Helps provide peace of mind knowing your remaining loan balance is covered in the event your insurance carrier does not pay off the entire balance
    • Eliminates out of pocket expenses
    • Protects your credit rating!

    *Some exceptions may apply. To learn more about GAP Insurance or if this coverage is right for you, stop by our Kahului branch or call our loan specialists at (808) 873-5050.

    Please note that GAP Insurance is not intended to replace your automobile insurance. It does not provide bodily injury, property damage, liability, or collision insurance and does not comply with any financial responsibility or any other law mandating motor vehicle insurance. All new or used motor vehicles with a maximum loan of $100,000 are eligible. Benefit coverage limits up to $50,000 with a loan term up to 84 months. Maximum loan to value paid on claim is 125%. Restrictions and conditions may apply.

    Mechanical Repair Coverage

    Your vehicle is a major investment and if you're like most people, you keep your vehicle longer than the term of its manufacturer's bumper-to-bumper warranty. That's why purchasing Mechanical Repair Coverage is a wise choice. Mechanical Repair Coverage can help ensure that the investment in your vehicle is protected and reduces the possibility of out-of-pocket expenses when your vehicle suffers an unexpected mechanical failure after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Most important of all, Mechanical Repair Coverage provides peace of mind so you can experience worry-free driving.

    Should your vehicle experience a failure after the manufacturer's warranty expires, without an extended warranty you will have no protection from the unexpected repair costs that can be in the thousands of dollars. Vehicles today are growing extremely complex and contain high-tech sensors, electronics and computers that suffer unexpected failure and need to be replaced. While engines and transmissions are more reliable than ever, it's these other sophisticated parts that frequently fail. As vehicles become increasingly more complex, associated repair costs rise dramatically.

    Mechanical Repair Coverage Features

    • Coverage available on both new and used vehicles
    • Competitive pricing
    • Plans include 24-hour emergency roadside service and rental car allowance
    • Three plans available: Platinum, Gold and Silver
    • Transferable – if you sell your vehicle privately, the coverage can be transferred, adding resale value and appeal
    • Cancelable – receive a full refund within the first 60 days or a pro-rated refund thereafter less a nominal administrative fee

    Member Benefits

    • Peace of Mind – Helps provide peace of mind knowing your vehicle is covered in the event of an unexpected covered breakdown
    • Lock-in Repair Costs – Mechanical Repair Coverage helps you to limit your cost of unexpected covered breakdowns to the Mechanical Repair Coverage price, plus any applicable deductible
    • Reduce Risk – remember, unexpected breakdowns can negatively impact your budget and credit rating. Mechanical Repair Coverage can help eliminate this risk

    This is a general outline of the Mechanical Repair Coverage product. Please refer to the contract/insurance policy for the exact details of specific coverages, terms, exclusions, and conditions. For more information on Mechanical Repair Coverage or for a free quote, visit our Kahului branch contact our loan specialists at (808) 873-5050.

    Mechanical Repair Coverage is not an obligation of Maui Federal Credit Union or guaranteed by Maui Federal Credit Union, even though a Maui Federal Credit Union employee may assist you with Mechanical Repair Coverage and Maui Federal Credit Union loan proceeds may be used to pay for Mechanical Repair Coverage. Any disputes regarding Mechanical Repair Coverage must be resolved between the purchaser and the insurance carrier.

    Loan Protection (Credit Life Insurance and Credit Disability Insurance), GAP Insurance and Mechanical Repair Coverage products are optional. Insurance products are not a deposit or obligation of, or guaranteed by, Maui Federal Credit Union or its affiliates. These products are not insured or guaranteed by NCUA or any agency of the federal government. Your credit approval cannot be conditioned on whether you purchase any of the insurance products. You may obtain insurance to protect your loan from an entity not affiliated with Maui Federal Credit Union.

    VISA Purchase Alerts

    Help reduce fraud and monitor your spending anytime, anywhere

    With near real-time Visa Purchase Alerts, you can receive updates on your Visa® credit card activity. This unique service is available free for Maui Federal Credit Union Visa credit cardholders.

    After your Visa card has been used, you’ll receive an alert through text message or email. If there is fraudulent activity, you can find out within minutes and act quickly to resolve the situation.

    How you use the service is up to you. You can choose to receive alerts when your Visa card is used for purchases over a specified amount, online transactions, purchases outside the United States, and more. You can even customize the purchase amount threshold—for example, setting it to only receive alerts for purchases above $100.

    Select the delivery options that best meet your needs, with text messages, emails, or both for extra security and convenience. Each alert contains important information, including the purchase amount, merchant name and location (if available).

    All this for free for Maui Federal Credit Union Visa credit cardholders. Register for Visa Purchase Alerts at today.

    1All loans are subject to credit approval. Certain terms and conditions may apply. Rates may vary depending on credit history and underwriting factors. All loan programs, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. For more information, please contact a loan specialist at (808) 873-5050.

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